As wedding season is in limbo at the moment, (and cudos to all of you beautiful brides who have had to deal with the added stress of shuffling dates and vendors!) we thought it would be nice to talk about ways you can utilise your extra time so you can be totally at ease with everything on the day. You never know where ideas will come from, and who doesn’t love looking at bridal inspo? What type of bride do you dream of being?  Boho, Glam, Classic, Quirky, and Romantic are just a few that come to mind!

Low ponytail upstyle bridal hair
Glam Ponytail

My advice to all of my brides in regards to their hair is to wear it in the way that makes you feel the most beautiful version of you, whether that might be up or down it’s important you aren’t second guessing your choices on the day, and for this reason I always highly recommend a trial or two if you are undecided about which way to go. Also don’t forget to take your hair type into consideration when planning dates and styles etc. For instance, if your hair tends to be frizzy, then maybe you want to steer clear of the more humid months, or  maybe think about an up-style that will keep it more under control. Hairstyles that are down will always struggle in wind or rain, so a plan B is often a good idea if the weather gods aren’t kind to you!

Another way to utilise this extra time would be to get your hair in shiny, healthy condition. In-salon treatments, regular trims and a great take-home range are all ways you can make sure your locks are wedding worthy. We use and recommend Redken products and are always happy to consult with you and prescribe a range suited to your needs.

Always try and keep a good communication going with your glam squad, and we have found from past experience a run sheet is a great idea in regards to the order of everyones’ sitting. A good reference is usually around 45 minutes for maids, 30 minutes for Mothers of bride and groom, and around an hour and fifteen minutes for the bride.

Another question I often get is whether my brides should make use of hair extensions. I will say there are some styles that I highly

waves bridal hair bride hollywood waves
Glam Waves

recommend them for, such as for adding volume and defining glam waves, and for filling out a big ponytail. It is usually around $275-$325 for a high quality set of human hair extensions, and we can colour match and order in for you, so no need for you to add another thing to your to do list.

Another tip is to try and have a clear idea of the direction of your ideas for your bride-tribe, it’s important they aren’t making a last minute decision on the day. Bear in mind if you want them all to wear the same style it can sometimes be tricky if they have varying thicknesses and lengths to get them to look exactly the same.

Whatever you have planned, we hope that it’s not too much longer before restrictions are lifted, and wish you all the very best for your big day.

Team Lrhdesign xx